For adults who are interested in becoming Catholic, or who would like to receive additional Sacraments (or even if you are just interested in learning more about our precious faith), Sacramental Adult Convert Classes are offered. The classes are the process whereby adults enter the Catholic Church and/or complete their sacramental initiation, such as by receiving First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Classes are held over the course of several months and those who attend are educated on what the Catholic Church believes and are given the opportunity to ask questions about those beliefs. 

Just because you start this program doesn’t mean you are committed to finishing. If you are merely curious about what Catholicism is, please feel free to come. All are welcome, adult Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The classes are taught one on one with our Sacramental Coordinator (Position is unattended at present) so please forward your enquiries C/- the Parish Office – [email protected] (9525.1138)
For more information or to sign up, please email [email protected].