Recently Deceased; 

Frances Thorncraft, Therese Alonco, John McCauley, Barry Scott (Husband of Gloria), Doreen Vernon, James Maso, George Abbott, Winston Eldridge, Colin Herringe, Anne Kellert, Fr Mark Beard.

We remember those whose Anniversaries we commemorate at this time:

Bartolino Alessi (1st Anniversary), Bernadette Boyle (5th Anniversary), Georgia Brown,
Robert Camilleri (10th Anniversary), Walter & Beryl Davidson, Jean Goodson (1st Anniversary),
Patti Hinchliffe, Jim Humphries, Bob and Billie Links, Kath McGrath, Steve Porter, Antonio Gomes Rabello, Robert Rimoldi, Neil (10th Anniversary) & Patricia (Pat) Shanahan.

Also in our prayers, we remember:

Joe Caputo, Ken Connolly, Tracy de Lyall, Roy & Mary Esplin, Bill Godfrey, Rod Halter, Father Bill Hannon, Lionel & Bev Hurst, Lean Family, Father John McCaffrey, Sid & Sylvia Mullen, Anna & Joe Natoli,
John Vincent Sidgreaves, Antonio Sorbara, Father Edward Wilkinson, Father Reg Wilson, The Holy Souls, Deceased Members of the Friendship Club.


WANTED: 2-6 men who would be interested in completing the Oxfam Trail Walk? They have to be over 18 years of age.
I have signed up and I’m looking to create a team to compete the 56klm track. The team can be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 members. In the lead up I would like to do a couple of training sessions before the walk for example 1 – along the Coast Track from Bundeena to Stanwell Tops and 2 – Heathcote to Audley. There is currently a discount for registration which is currently $100.00pp. This goes up in July to $150.00pp. We would also need to try and raise $500 in fundraising but this is not a requirement to participate.
Further – the tail they use could potentially be a Pilgrimage from the burial place of Mary Mckillop to the Orphanage she visited in Kincumber.

Please contact Robert on: 0475.459.025

View the details at:

Father Greg has posted a WHAT IS HAPPENING IN 2022 DOCUMENT ON 1 JANUARY

OUR PARISH MEMORIAL GARDEN is going well with plaques.

It is a place blessed by Cardinal Pell several years ago and at this stage is far more economical and probably more appropriate for our parishioners and family to be in this holy place.
To discuss, phone Natasha (Parish Secretary) 9525.1138.
Present cost, including the plaque, is $500 per plaque/position
(prices may change annually due to manufacturing price increases of the plaques)
Purchase in advance as places are limited.

Please note, at this time, Ashes cannot be interred but a special Columbarium is being planned for the Interment of Ashes – price and positions are unknown at this stage of planning – please stay tuned.

However, if you only wish to have a Plaque in recognition of a loved one – see above.

MEMORIAL GARDEN PLAQUE APPLICATION FORMS ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD BELOW – BUT forms and payment must be handed in at the Office where a receipt will be issued and PLOT numbers allocated.


B-Point tap is located just inside the main door of the Church.
It accepts your Mastercard and VisaCard (including Visa debit cards)
The DONATION is NOW set at $10 per Tap. If you wish to donate more, you simply wait until the machine is ready and you can tap again. You can tap as many times as you would like – each tap is a $10 donation to the Parish.
Appears on your Bank Statement as ‘GYMEA PARISH, GYMEA’

That there are NO receipts (as they appear on your card’s bank statement), NO refunds or tax deductibility.

B-Point tap and Donate machine

You may have noticed the new “Tap ’n Go” terminals as you enter the Church. In a (post—) pandemic world, less people are carrying cash. The machine to the left goes to the “First Collection” which covers the upkeep of the parish clergy, housekeeping expenses, and cleaning costs. The terminal to the right goes to the “Second Collection” which supports maintenance/refurbishment costs, insurance, and staff salaries, and charitable/catechetical works of the parish. Thank you for being such a generous parish!

Moving forward, it is envisaged that the parish can make further savings on cutting out/down on the number of Planned Giving Envelopes with many parishioners opting in for the direct giving via Credit Card payments and also by use of these tap ‘n go machines. Last year (2022) over 50 boxes remained uncollected costing the Parish approx. $500

Parish Planned Giving Credit Card Forms &

New Envelope Contributors….

Thankyou for your continued financial support during these times.


The group WATAC Inc. (Women and the Australian Church) are launching a series of online conversations called WATAC Presents. The first session, Women and the Plenary Council took place last year – Tuesday, 9 June 2020 (Sydney) Sister Clare Condon (former provincial of the Good Samaritan Sisters) and Debra Zanella (CEO of RUAH Community Services) will be leading a conversation around aspirations for the Plenary Council and how the voices of women and other marginalised groups can be included.

The Journey Radio Program

The Journey is a weekly program developed by the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong and is the only Catholic radio program in Australia aired on general Christian radio. Visit or where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email.

GPBS website
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The GPBS Mission & Ministry Team facilitates a number of workshops that give students and staff a hands-on approach to liturgy, prayer, liturgical music, leadership formation and staff professional development.

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